Friday, February 18, 2011

email to the Chancellor

Dear Chancellor DiStefano:

There is serious concern among the University community that the current investments held by the University of Colorado may violate the University’s commitment to human rights and social justice, and some of the University's investments directly and indirectly support the apartheid policies of Israel.

Just as the University did in supporting efforts to end the genocide in Sudan and the apartheid in South Africa, the University should stop investing in companies that support Israel's oppression and apartheid of Palestine.

Please take steps to acknowledge that the University of Colorado abhors apartheid and will do all it can to show its position on apartheid within its business practices by ending its investments in the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people.

I will make this appeal to the Board of Regents on February 22, 2011, at the Regents' board meeting. Please see my proposed resolution attached.


Michael Rabb

Michael Rabb | Palestine Liberation Advocate | cell: 720-837-9674 | | 2002 18th Street, Boulder CO 80302 |

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